If I am producing a reversible inside out vest with no pockets, where must I put the name label and country of origin?

In this instance, the information can be included on a hang-tag or non-permanent label. Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Care Labeling Rule (16 CFR Part 423) - Section 423.8 (a) "Any item of textile wearing apparel, without pockets, that is totally reversible (i.e. the product is designed to be used with either side as the outer part or face) is exempt from the care label requirement." (c) "If an item is exempt from care labeling under paragraph (a) or (b), of this section the consumers still must be given the required care information for the product. However, the care information can be put on a hang tag, on the package, or in some other conspicuous place, so that consumers will be able to see the care information before buying the product."