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September 2019

Fox Business CEOs have 'real concerns' about new tariffs: American Apparel and Footwear Association CEO

CNBC Helfenbein: Christmas has come early this year, but not necessarily in a good way

August 2019

CNBC 92% of apparel imports from China will be hit with tariffs on Sunday—here’s how companies are coping

Reuters China, U.S. kick off new round of tariffs in trade war

CNBC Retail struggling to get by, has something to do with tariffs: Rick Helfenbein

Fox Business Tariffs are coal in Christmas stockings, retail group CEO warns

Bloomberg Trump Plan to Save Christmas Leaves Apparel Out in the Cold

CNBC Expect mass congestion as retail companies try to ship products before tariffs

Bloomberg Trump Bows to Economic Fears in Move to Delay China Tariffs

Fox Business More China tariffs mean higher prices for US consumers, warns retail group CEO

Yahoo Finance Effects of Trump's 'tariff umbrella' over China felt around the world

July 2019

Associated Press Facing Trump’s tariffs, some companies move, change or wait

Footwear News Trump Is Touting ‘Made in America’ Again — But Do Shoe Brands Really Benefit?

Yahoo Finance AAFA CEO says the administration is sending mixed signals when it comes to tariffs

CNBC Our exit doors are getting blocked: Apparel industry group chief

June 2019

Wall Street Journal When It Comes to Tariffs, Many U.S. Companies Are on China’s Side

Footwear News
How to Legally Avoid Tariffs: The Critical Rules Every Shoe Brand Should Know

Yahoo Finance U.S. Trade Representative is grilled on Capitol Hill about China and Mexico

NPR Business Leaders Converge On Office Of U.S. Trade Representative Over Tariff Concerns

WWD American Fashion Industry Pens Letter to President Trump, Addressing ‘Devastating’ Tariffs

Reuters U.S. firms say China tariffs will raise costs, see few sourcing alternatives

CBS News 
Here's who the U.S. tariffs on Mexico would hurt most

BBC Job loss fears in India after Trump tariff shock

Yahoo Finance Why denim retailers could be hit big by Mexican tariffs

Fortune Costco Says Trump’s China Tariffs Are Increasing Prices on These Products

May 2019

New York Times Trade Dispute Between U.S. and China Deepens as Beijing Retaliates

Bloomberg U.S. Consumers at the Mall Won't Be Able to Avoid Trade War Hit

Washington Post U.S. prepares to slap tariffs on remaining Chinese imports, which could add levies on roughly $300 billion in additional goods

CNN President & CEO 'beyond freaked' over China tariff hikes

PBS NewsHour U.S.-China trade talks end without a deal. Why both sides feel they have the leverage

Yahoo Finance Breaking down U.S.-China trade impact on retail as tariff hike takes effect

CNN 'We're freaked': Trump startles US businesses with fresh tariff hike

Bloomberg American Shoppers to Feel Effects of Trump’s Tariff Grenade

April 2019

Wall Street Journal Trade Deal Alone Won’t Fix Strained U.S.-China Business Relations

FOX Business Trump’s tariffs may hurt supply chains: American Apparel & Footwear Association CEO

Khmer Times International business group urges respect for labour rights

March 2019

CNBC Watch retail experts explain what makes Levi Strauss a sector standout

Reuters U.S. companies adapt to 'endless' China tariffs

February 2019

CNBC Apparel prices will go up in March regardless of trade deal, says AAFA's Helfenbein

Washington Post Fearing Trump’s China tariffs may never end, companies are taking action

Yahoo Finance Xi Jinping reportedly will meet with Mnuchin, Lighthizer on trade

CNBC Amazon added a first-ever warning about counterfeit products to its earnings report

January 2019

The Economist The Negative Effects of Tariffs on U.S. Employment

CNBC Retail is going to turn 'pretty ugly,' says trade group exec

December 2018

Bloomberg Retailers Hoping for Strong End to Holiday Season

CNBC Amazon ran a sting to root out counterfeit textbooks, but some small sellers say they were unfairly targeted

CBS For people with disabilities, a trend in "adaptive" clothing

November 2018

CNBC I want to go to war with China on intellectual property

Reuters Supply chain reaction: trade war refugees race to relocate to Vietnam, Thailand

CNN How Black Friday shopping could change if Trump's trade war goes on

CBS China tariffs: The impact on your 2018 holiday shopping

CNN Five issues that could tank Trump's NAFTA replacement in Congress

Phnom Penh Post Labour Ministry receives counsel on labour rights

ECOTEXTILE AAFA launches new best practice resource

Sourcing Journal Industry Groups Want USTR to Raise Minimum Duty-Free Levels in USMCA

CBS Trump's tariffs have U.S. companies cutting their forecasts

October 2018

Bloomberg Trump’s Next Tariff Blow Could Be 10 Times Worse for U.S. Shoppers

Bloomberg American Apparel & Footwear Association Has 'Big Worries' About Trump Tariffs

South China Morning Post US and China heading for lose-lose situation in trade war if they do not talk, says US garment trade chief Rick Helfenbein

Quartz The US apparel industry is bracing for a decades-long trade war with China

CNBC Some Amazon sites should be added to 'Notorious Markets' list because of counterfeits, apparel industry group says


September 2018

CNBC Tariffs will be devastating for retail, trade group executive says

The Economist America and China are in a proper trade war

Bloomberg U.S. Companies Need to Get Tough on China

August 2018

CNBC Tariffs are the elephant in the room, says retail expert

CBS MoneyWatch Another casualty of Trump's trade war: American denim

July 2018

Bloomberg Buy Your Clothes Now, Tariffs Will Push Retail Prices Up 20% (Audio)

CNBC Asia Clothing executive VP: Trump taxes are self-inflicted wounds

USA Today Trade war: Trump administration threatens China with $200 billion in additional tariffs

Bloomberg Handbags and Cameras Hit as Trump Tariffs Target Consumers

FOX Business Will China go after US clothing, footwear industries with tariffs?

June 2018

BBC EU tariffs on US goods come into force

Bloomberg Retailers Are Preparing to Fight Expanded China Tariffs They Call a ‘Trump Tax’

Axios Go deeper: The U.S. industries hit hardest by a China trade war

Washington Post Trump escalates China trade war, threatens tariffs on $200 billion in products

Bloomberg Trump Spares Made-in-USA Apparel With Most Machinery Tariff-Free

Wall Street Journal China Issues Retaliatory Tariffs as Trade Fight Heats Up

Bloomberg Bloomberg Markets AM: Helfenbein on Tariffs (Audio)

California Apparel News California Kills Assembly Bill 2379 as Similar Microfiber Initiatives Grow in Other States

Bloomberg Man-Made Fabrics Have State Lawmakers Vying for Warning Tags

May 2018

Bloomberg Trump's Tariffs Anger U.S. Manufacturers, Business Groups

FOX Business Trump tariff to cost US families a minimum of $500 a year: AAFA

Bloomberg Trump's Tariffs Will Pinch U.S. Consumers, Retailers Warn

PBS NewsHour Our cheat sheet to U.S. tariffs

April 2018

Associated Press US brands suffer collateral damage in Chinese corporate war

Wall Street Journal Sanctions Risk Casts Shadow Over Myanmar’s Opening to the West

​Forbes NetEase Challenges Chinese E-Commerce Giants On New Battleground: Own Label Retail

Bloomberg Tariff Critics Say Retailers Are Reworking Orders to Deal With Threat

Barron's How Trade Tensions Will Test Companies and Investors

Bloomberg Rare Coalition Bands Together to Fight Trump Tariffs

CNBC You're already paying tariffs on clothing and shoes, and have been for almost 90 years

CBS MoneyWatch Trade war with China: What you need to know

Wall Street Journal Tariff Showdown Shifts to Intense Negotiation Period

Washington Post Trump administration targets $50 billion in Chinese electronics, aerospace and machinery goods with tariffs 

March 2018

FOX Business Trump’s Chinese tariffs ‘devastating’ to shoe, apparel industry

CNBC Asia "Not good anyway you look at it” on US-China trade spat

Sourcing Journal What Trump’s Tariffs Could Mean for Sourcing

Esquire Trump’s New Tariff Proposal Could Seriously F*ck Up Your Style

Reuters U.S. apparel, footwear industry opposes likely Trump tariffs on China

American Fashion Podcast Fashion’s Voice in Washington, D.C.

USA Today As steel companies celebrate, trade war talk worries makers of cars, planes and whiskey

California Apparel News The Big Issue of Microfibers in AB 2379

February 2018

Sourcing Journal AAFA Releases Updated Restricted Substances List

American Shipper House Passes GSP Renewal Legislation

January 2018

Sourcing Journal USTR Cites Progress on Global Counterfeiting, as Problems Persist

Sourcing Journal The Outdoor Industry Could Soon be Saving Big on Apparel and Footwear Duties

December 2017

Sourcing Journal Is the US Getting Left Behind on Trade?

Reuters Fed's rosy economic scenario leaves inflation puzzle for Powell  

November 2017

Associated Press Businesses brace for the unexpected on Trump's Asia tour

October 2017

CNBC Asia Squawk Box Many companies are worried about what happens if NAFTA falls...

Fibre2Fashion Retailers launch US Global Value Chain Coalition

Footwear News New Footwear Legislation Could Make Your Shoes a Lot Cheaper

September 2017

Bloomberg Nafta Countries Gather With ‘Narrow Path’ to Getting Quick Deal

CNN Money NAFTA negotiators may get tough in Round 3

August 2017

CNBC Street saw 'severe overreaction' to retail earnings, says trade group CEO

Bloomberg Radio The White House’s Impact on the Corporate Community

USA Today UPS, FedEx halt delivery to major areas of Texas, Louisiana amid storm

Forbes Fashion Industry's Dependence On Imports: Good Or Bad For The U.S. Economy?

July 2017

Washington Post As White House touts ‘Made in America,’ it seeks to cut office U.S. firms say helps them compete

June 2017

CNBC Squawk Alley This Amazon deal is beyond huge: American Apparel and Footwear Association CEO

Axios Sewing robots seem likely to disrupt the U.S. apparel industry

Journal Sentinel Retailers' woes extend beyond store walls: Manufacturers and distributors also feel the pain

Sourcing Journal Update from Washington: BAT, NAFTA and What’s Dead or Alive

May 2017

Associated Press Hat brand Kangol returns jobs to US, finds itself struggling

VAMP AAFA Voices Support for GSP Footwear Bill

Bloomberg U.S. Retailers Urge Trump's New Trade Envoy to Save Nafta

April 2017

The New York Times  Revisiting NAFTA: The Stakes for Key Industries

New York Style Guide  Fashion VIPs & Celebrities Turn Out for 39th Annual AAFA American Image Awards

FOX Business  Could a border-adjusted tax be the ‘nail in the coffin’ for retailers?

Bloomberg Markets  How a Border Tax Could Hurt Retail and Kill Jobs

CNBC Squawk on the Street  BAT tax will be a disaster: AAFA CEO

CNBC Squawk on the Street  AAFA CEO: We're hoping for results from both US and China

March 2017

The New York Times A Small Table Maker Takes On Alibaba’s Flood of Fakes

Bloomberg Retailers Had a Dismal Christmas and Now Comes Ryan’s Import Tax

February 2017

The Atlantic Paul Ryan's Tax Plan May Not Do What Trump Says It Will

CNBC Men's Jeans Could Be the Biggest Retail Casualty of a Trade War with Mexico

Bloomberg Retailer-Backed Coalition Launches Campaign Against Border Tax

Associated Press Retailers, Trade Groups Increase Fight Against Tax Proposal

January 2017

CNBC Mexico Import Tax 'Not a Good Situation': AAFA

Wall Street Journal Trump’s Meeting With Jack Ma Comes as U.S. Keeps Eye on Alibaba

Associated Press Beantown as Shoetown: Sneaker Makers Stake Claim in Boston