Who We Are

We represent more than 1,000 world famous name brands, retailers, and manufacturers. AAFA is the trusted public policy and political voice of the apparel and footwear industry, its management and shareholders, its more than 3.2 million U.S. workers, and its contribution of more than $490 billion in annual U.S. retail sales. Our reach stretches from Washington, D.C., throughout the United States, and around the globe.

AAFA provides exclusive expertise — and drives progress — across supply chain & sourcing; trade, logistics, & manufacturing; and brand protection to help our members navigate the complex regulatory environment and lower costs. Members gain unparalleled access to information and exclusive insights on regulation and policy, and premier opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Mission Statement

AAFA stands at the forefront as a leader of positive change for the apparel and footwear industry. With integrity and purpose, AAFA delivers a unified voice on key legislative and regulatory issues. AAFA enables a collaborative forum to promote best practices and innovation. AAFA’s comprehensive work ensures the continued success and growth of the apparel and footwear industry, its suppliers, and its customers.

Core Values Statement

To further promote positive impact through our practices, we commit to continuous improvement with accountability in:

  1. Upholding legal, safe, and responsible workplace conditions for the workers in our supply chains;
  2. Honoring fully the commitments we make to our supply chain partners;
  3. Designing, manufacturing, and selling only safe, responsibly-made, and authentic products; and
  4. Adopting and implementing sustainable practices to support effective environmental stewardship efforts.
We further commit to using independent, credible, and verifiable means and advocating for smart and innovative policies in pursuit of these goals that affect our people, partners, products, and planet.


The American Apparel & Footwear Association was formed in August 2000 through the merger of the American Apparel and Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and Footwear Industries of America (FIA). The AAMA was founded in 1960 as the national association representing U.S. apparel manufacturers. AAMA’s mission was to help create an environment in which the U.S. apparel industry could operate competitively and profitably in a global economy. FIA's roots stretch back to 1869 serving as the only national association for footwear manufacturers, importers and distributors, and suppliers to the leather and allied trades. FIA helped U.S. footwear companies achieve growth through education, advocacy, research, and networking opportunities.


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