Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee provides AAFA members a forum to discuss proper environmental stewardship and sustainability best practices for the industry.

The Environmental Committee has taken a strong and visible role in educating the industry on restricted substance lists and chemical management systems and in providing information on best practices. For companies interested in environmental sustainability, it is a critically important forum.  It is the group's responsibility to ensure member companies are apprised of environmental legislative and regulatory developments which could impact their global operations and to educate policymakers on the group's efforts to be responsible environmental stewards and minimize pollution".

-- John Eapen, Vice President, Environmental, Health and Safety, American & Efird
Former Committee Chairman

Committee Leadership

Emily Gigot, Chair
Social Responsibility Specialist, SanMar

Jimmy Summers, Vice Chair
Vice President - Environmental, Health and Safety/Sustainability, American & Efird LLC

Committee Members

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Staff Liaison

Kristen Kern

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