Government Contracts Committee

The Government Contracts Committee keeps members apprised of developments that bear on the needs and requirements of the U.S. military and other parts of the U.S. government with respect to the procurement of clothing and shoes, and the problems faced by the industry in its supplier relations with the government.

Committee Leadership

Michael Mansh, Chair
President, Pennsylvania Apparel LLC

The Government Contracts Committee is an excellent networking group bringing together apparel & footwear manufacturers, as well as their textile & trim suppliers with the military, their biggest customer. The committee meetings provide the opportunity for the government to update their clothing and individual equipment suppliers on purchasing forecasts to better enable companies to plan production. AAFA pursues legislative priorities based on the GCC, such as maintaining and strengthening the Berry Amendment and reforming Federal Prison Industries. These issues and more are tracked by the association and the committee members are kept up to date and notified when congressional contact is needed to effect a change. So, if you are a supplier or manufacturer to the government and would like to be involved in furthering these issues, I suggest you become a member of the GCC."

--Michael Mansh, 2021 GCC Chair

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Committee Members

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Staff Liaison

David Trumbull, Government Contacts Committee Liaison

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