Product Safety Council

The Product Safety Council provides a forum for members to discuss and learn about regulations and issues related to product safety and chemical management. Members meet periodically to share best practices; review local, national, and international regulatory developments (including the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)); and develop industry tools to help apparel and footwear companies navigate current and future product safety/chemical management regulations. Members also help advance industry knowledge on these issues by developing and participating in educational programs, networking opportunities, and strategic partnerships on product safety and chemical management matters. Members receive product safety updates from AAFA staff. The Product Safety Council also includes four working groups that focus on relevant topics that impact the industry. These working groups include: Testing and Certification, State and International Harmonization, Drawstrings, and Sleepwear.

Committee Leadership

Claudette Hunter, Chair
Senior Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, Abercombie & Fitch

Jennifer Thompson, Vice Chair
Vice President, Consumer Product Testing North America, Retailer, Brands & Associations, Eurofins | Modern Testing Services, LLC

For over 25 years I have had the opportunity to lead compliance and merchandising teams focused on innovation, safety and quality who are actively involved with the AAFA. Now as the Vice Chair of the Product Safety Council I bring my knowledge to the premier committee focused on the complex regulatory landscape, the consumer, and environment. There is no more important mission than to ensure a first quality and safe product and I am proud to be part of it.

-- Jennifer Thompson, 2022 Product Safety Council Vice Chair

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Committee Members

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Staff Liaison

Chelsea Murtha, Director of Sustainability

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