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SgT Limited

SgT, the textile quality experts

SgT is the sole player in quality management 100% specialized in apparel, footwear and accessories, and able to leverage over 25 years of textile industry experience.
SgT addresses causes rather than consequences: with the end-users in mind, SgT's experts use their manufacturing expertise to implement pragmatic, preventive programs aimed at increasing brands' supply chain's reliability and their products' integrity while keeping their quality budget under control.

SgT's quality management solutions cover the upstream life of apparel and footwear from development and raw materials to production and finished goods, keeping in mind at each step 1/ markets' compliance requirements, 2/ the brand's expectations and 3/ the product's final usage:

•quality audit solutions
•technical advisory
•quality control
•laboratory testing
•sustainability and CSR services

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Location: Quarry Bay, , Hong Kong

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