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Alpha Clothing Ltd.

Alpha Clothing Ltd. started in 2013 with a modest workforce of 150 people, and 100 machines, in a rented space. With our highly efficient production procedures, over seven years, we have grown to a workforce of 2000 people, 1000 sewing machines, and a capacity of 8 million pieces a year.
We have a thriving relationship with our clients and sources, connections built over years of loyalty, and we prioritize our relationships above all else, ensuring that our supply chains are ethical and sustainable, and that our clients are beyond satisfied with our service. Our employees can rely on a safe, healthy work environment, and are given opportunities to develop their technical and soft skills.
We at ACL pride ourselves on our achievements in environmental sustainability, with a conservation rate of 40% in energy and water consumption. Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability are recognized by various alliances and certification boards.

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Location: Dhaka, , Bangladesh