AAFA’s leadership and knowledge is driven by experts across supply chain & sourcing; trade, logistics, manufacturing; and brand protection plus visionary and engaged members. We work through active committees to identify member needs and facilitate engagement with policymakers around these three priorities so you can make smarter business decisions and advance in the industry.

Brand Protection

AAFA advocates for the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR), builds awareness of the dangers of counterfeits to businesses, consumers, workers, and the environment, and educates the industry on how to overcome shared challenges that cause lost sales and irreparable damage to brand reputation.


Supply Chain & Sourcing

AAFA galvanizes the industry to build upon strong supply chain and sourcing commitments – including the highest ethical and responsible standards – so that members, consumers, workers, and the environment will thrive.


Trade, Logistics, & Manufacturing

AAFA advocates for clearly defined and transparent trade, logistics, customs, and manufacturing policies that benefit our industry while raising awareness of our industry’s impactful contributions to the American and global economy.