What are the labeling requirements for products with fur?

For any product containing fur (apparel, footwear, accessories, etc) the FTC requires a permanent label with the following information:

  1. Animal name, according to the fur name guide

  2. Name or Registered Identification Number (RN) of the manufacturer, importer, marketer or distributor

  3. Country of origin for imported fur written as "Fur Origin: Country"

  4. If the fur is pointed, dyed, bleached, or artificially colored--otherwise, label as "natural"

  5. If the fur product is composed in whole or substantial part (more than 10% of surface area) of pieces, such as paws, tails, bellies, sides, flanks, ears, throats, scraps, or waste fur

  6. If the fur is used or damaged

  7. The fiber content of any other materials used in the product
For more details visit the FTC Web Site.