Webinar: The Role of Responsible Sourcing in the Apparel Industry

Thursday, May 16, 2024
2:00 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET | Online


Open industry. All apparel and footwear industry professionals, regardless of AAFA membership, are encouraged to participate.


BSI Sustainable Supply Chain experts discuss how to account for the role of sustainable materials and responsible sourcing to achieve sustainability goals in the apparel industry. Learn how to manage emerging regulations, conduct supply chain traceability, plan emissions reductions, and understand climate impact on your operations.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:
  • Understand the benefits of a responsible supply chain in the apparel industry.
  • Learn how supplier engagement and traceability can make your business more resilient.
  • Prepare your operations to reduce emissions and climate risks to meet emerging legislations.


Headshot of Gouri GanbavaleGouri Ganbavale
Senior Consultant, Climate Risk Service Leader
BSI Consulting

Gouri Ganbavale, PhD, is a Climate Science and ESG professional with experience analyzing and interpreting innovative methods and data to inform sustainability and environmental firms. Her years of expertise include data quality assessments and supporting projects with a focus on climate change policies, climate change adaptation & mitigation, nature-based solutions, life cycle analysis of products & services, energy finance, renewable portfolio standards, GHG accounting, ESG reporting and standards.

Headshot of Kimberly RodriguezKimberly Rodriguez
Consultant/Manager, Sustainability
BSI Consulting

Kimi leads the development and implementation of supplier improvement and engagement programs that focus on capacity building for clients’ tier-n suppliers. She executes trainings on regulatory disclosure requirements and conducts current state analyses of clients’ procurement risk mapping programs. Having lived and worked in three continents, Kimi takes a global approach to her work and engages with sustainability issues from a cross-functional and multi-stakeholder perspective.

Headshot of Ethan ReddenEthan Redden
Consulting Specialist
BSI Consulting

Ethan Redden is a data-driven sustainability expert with five years of experience. As a Consulting Specialist at BSI, he specializes in life cycle analyses, change management, LEED certifications, and sustainable organizational design. Ethan’s passion lies in reshaping corporate resources through the lens of circular economy principles. His work focuses on optimizing resource use, reducing waste, and promoting material efficiency. Whether it’s conserving finite resources or driving cost savings, Ethan is committed to positive change. 


Headshot of Beth HughesBeth Hughes
Vice President, Trade and Customs Policy

Beth Hughes is responsible for supporting the association's efforts on international trade and customs issues. Beth oversees AAFA’s Trade Policy Committee, as well as AAFA’s Customs Group. Before joining AAFA, Beth served for six years as senior director, international affairs at the International Dairy Foods Association. Beth earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science at George Washington University and received a Master of Arts in international affairs from Florida State University. 

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