Events at-a-Glance | Section 3
Events at-a-Glance | Section 3
Section 3 Placement
Post date TBD after order/payment is complete.
Ad Specs:

Ads display at 600 W x 160 H pixels. Larger images will be sized down to fit the space. Images that do not fit this ratio will need to be resubmitted in the correct size.
Creative accepted: .JPG and .PNG files.
No animation, Flash, or .GIF files allowed.
Max file size is 100 KB.
File must be a minimum 72 dpi.
File must be created/saved in RGB color mode. No transparent images.
Font size should be a minimum of 10 pts depending on the font family. Avoid using serif fonts.
Advertiser supplies URL that ad should link to.
Click-thru tags are accepted, such as UTM codes, as built through Google UTM builder.
Third Party Javascript/iFrame tags are not accepted because ads are delivered through email.
Please note: Email addresses cannot be used as a URL/Web link
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