Brand Protection Tips: Dupe Influencers on Social Media

The purpose of this report is to educate influencers, consumers, online platforms, and brands on the growing trend of “dupe influencers.”

A dupe influencer is an individual with a social media following who shares links to, and reviews, counterfeit goods. The report provides a detailed account of the alarming behavior that has generated millions of views, likes, and shares of content directly related to the advertisement and sale of counterfeit goods online.

Counterfeits hurt more than lost sales on the part of trusted brands, and they are illegal for good reason. To view a fake as simply a cheaper alternative to a brand name product is incorrect and overlooks the health, product safety, environmental, and labor concerns related to the production and distribution of counterfeits.

This report helps the industry – and the influencers who promote counterfeits – to better recognize how to detect and deter this behavior, understand the risks, and ultimately protect consumers.

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